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Yolanda Medina-Garcia, Director

Yolanda Medina-Garcia
Parent-Education Instructor

Starr King staff

Christen Barajas Zampese
Afternoon Program Teacher

Suzanne Rebstock
Assistant Director

Bonnie Kerwin
Afternoon Program Head Teacher
Administrative Assistant


It is not our aim to fill the child with rote learning; rather we want an atmosphere where children may be curious, may experiment and construct for themselves an understanding of the environment of objects and relationships in which they find themselves. Parents and staff are available for help, support, and response.


We believe that structured and formal learning, forced too early, does not prepare children for a creative and flexible response to a rapidly changing world, nor does it provide the solid conceptual foundation for future academic experiences. We believe that we must actively nurture the children’s concern for the well-being of others in the group, as well as support their own positive self-concept, resulting in the development of people who will be confident and caring adults.

We provide flexibility to meet individual needs of children and adults considering age, ability, social/emotional needs and problems. We are a supportive community for families as they cope with difficult periods, such as illness, financial problems, death, and separation, and as they cope and share in nurturing the joyful events of family life.

Participating families make learning about their own child and other children an enjoyable process by taking active responsibility in this cooperative venture.